Laura Kozikowska

Laura Kozikowska

Area Manager
  • Started @Zing

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I love socializing, meeting and getting to know my Zing team, who come from different backgrounds.

Zing Experience

I am a very positive and happy person and I try to transmit this feeling to my team. I like to be very organized and have everything arranged for my week. I am also a very strong, independent and straightforward person, and I am always willing to share my thoughts and opinions in face to face conversations.

I started working with Zing in April 2019 as Area Manager. I used to work for a sister company as technician. As Area Manager, I truly enjoy working in a team and managing my own team, through the years I have established a very good relationship with my staff and I can always count on their help.

My main achievement has been to establish loyal and effective cleaning team. I enjoy recruiting new staff members, training them and achieving good results. I am very proactive and thanks to my experience I am able to understand my customers needs before issues even occur.

I am very creative and I love organizing friends parties. I also enjoy practicing sports, in particular volleyball.