School Cleaning


Our Relationship Manager will flex our cleaning services to your needs, while minimising fluctuations in your invoices


A clean and tidy classroom, which students, teachers and parents appreciate as being safe and conducive to learning


All our staff on your site are DBS Checked including our specialist cleaners and any subcontractors we may bring on to your site


Our staff’s attendance record is exemplary, so you can rely on your school or college being consistently cleaned


We pride ourselves in our cleaning standards, underpinned by ongoing training, regular Site Audits, and the use of innovation


Available when need you them for services such as decontamination, kitchen deep cleaning, grounds maintenance etc

Work For Schools


Your school’s image is important in attracting parents and students. Motivated, loyal cleaning staff work flexibly with your school team, managed by Zing’s relationship manager. We contribute to your green credentials through our environment friendly services.


Our trained staff ensure your nursery is clean and safe for infants. Reliable after hours cleaning is monitored by Zing’s area manager, so your image is maintained.

Preparatory and Public Schools

As fee paying schools your image is paramount. We encourage Zing staff to become part of your school team, fostering great working relationships, flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile. Our environment friendly services helps you with green targets too.

Special Needs Schools

Our staff are trained to be around your students, and ensure your school is clean and safe. They are flexible to your day-to-day needs, and maintain your image.

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