About Us

London's leading cleaning services company

About Us

Why Choose Zing?

Zing goes beyond clean! Its Spring all year round with Zing, because we go beyond the simple cleaning services everyone else offers.

At Zing we believe in energizing your world, through our passion and dedication to fully optimizing your environment.

Jolanta Wayling, Managing Director

Our Benefits to You

We care about the things you care about


Whether your building is clean and tidy effects your reputation with visitors to your office, parents to your school, or your residents.


We know your time is valuable so we assign you a Relationship Manager to take responsibility for our services to you.


We take caring for the environment very seriously and support our customers achieve their own environmental objectives.

What Our Customers Say

Our Mission

We forge positive relationships with our customers and our staff, creating an energizing workplace for all.

Our mission is to provide a clean and safe working environment for our customers and staff.

Our Difference

Our staff is our difference, and we give staff the opportunity to grow through training.

We actively look to promote people within the business, and we listen to their creative ideas improving our service.

Our History

Founded in 1986, the company developed it’s processes and values over the years to become what it is today.

In 2015 a re-branding project created the Zing Clean brand under the company Zing Environments Ltd.

Our Values

Our service is driven by our values


Safety & security, reliability, excellent communications, flexibility and extensive experience.

At Zing we enjoy an amazing reputation as London’s best commercial cleaning company.


At Zing we’re proud of being the leading cleaning employer.

Our decades of dedication to our people have resulted in an outstanding team dedicated to energizing your environment.


Your dedicated relationship manager, and your on-site team of truly proactive people are always discovering new ways of improving your environment and maximizing value!