Dominik Stasiak

Dominik Stasiak

Business Development Manager
  • Started @Zing

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I have a natural inclination and passion for finding the best deals. I enjoy negotiating and making things happen.

Zing Experience

I am a very honest and dedicated person, I try to achieve the best results in an efficient manner, and I always give 100% to what I do. I love challenges and finding suitable solutions. Successfully achieving goals gives me satisfaction. I also think balance between our professional and personal life is very important.

I started my career with a sister company of Zing in 2015 covering different roles. My Zing journey started in 2019 as Business Development Manager, and through this role I developed a deep knowledge of our business. I am continuously researching how to fulfill our customers’ needs, and work hard to offer the most suitable solutions.

I enjoy providing competitive and alternative solutions to our customers, and I always strive to offer the best service. I closely cooperate with different suppliers to provide better deals, and deliver suitable equipment and materials.

I like reading about economics and new technologies. I also love traveling and exploring different countries.