Carolina Ramirez

Carolina Ramirez

Head of Service
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I am proud of the experience and the relationships I managed to create with Zing staff over the years.

Zing Experience

As a flexible person, I also like to be flexible in my work environment. I love working with a team, and I am very supportive and happy to help everyone in the business when needed. I am also understanding and positive, and I always try to convey this at work.

I started in 2005 as part-time HR Assistant, and after 6 months I succeeded to the HR Manager role. The Company supported me with my training in HR, and helped me to complete all my higher education studies. In 2019, I started my journey within the Service Department, taking on the role of Head of Service.

I really embrace Zing’s company culture, which supports and promotes the development of staff skills. Thanks to this, I completed my Business Degree and obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate. In my new role as Head of Service, I have the chance to face new challenges daily, manage a bigger team and have a direct relationship with our customers. This is something that was not part of my previous role and I can say that I enjoy it very much.

I have a passion for plants, nature, outdoor excursions, and I love spending time with my family and relatives.