Juliana Simoes

Juliana Simoes

Team Support Manager
  • Started @Zing

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I love creating a happy environment and atmosphere wherever I go.

Zing Experience

I really value respect, because I think it’s very important to work in an environment where people can always be themselves. I am an empathetic person with both clients and work colleagues, and I try to understand different points of view in order to solve problems. I also like being punctual.

I started working with Zing in November 2017 in Team Support, and I took over the Team Support Manager role after 3 months. Since then I have enjoyed managing the small team I am part of. I like being proactive and help my colleagues to achieve good results.

When the opportunity to be the Team Support Manager came along, I was more than happy to take it on, and the chance to extend my knowledge. I love working in a team and I have established a very good relationship with my colleagues. I am always happy to help my colleagues if they have any special requests, and I am always available to translate and facilitate communications with staff members.

I love cooking, dancing and traveling.